Saturday, October 18, 2014

September Beauty Buys

Hello, long, lost friends! It has been a while since I have done a post. It has been over a year ago to be exact. I missed the joys of blogging even though I had given up on it. I obviously do not quit easy. I'm going to do posts of things I am genuinely passionate about, and I hope you enjoy it. I bought a lot of beauty-related things in September, and I happen to love them all. Below I will provide my personal reviews about each item. Enjoy.

Anastasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brown Pencil (in Soft Brown): I have struggled with my eyebrows ever since high school. They have been over-plucked and waxed many times. Over a year ago I made the best decision of my life, and decided to not touch them for at least 6 months. They look 10x better, but there are a few places that need help and this does the trick. I love how small the tip is and there is a spooly end! It doesn't create any harsh lines (when using small, brush strokes to create the appearance of brow hair). I mostly love how natural it looks when applied.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (in the shade Sweetheart and Pink Frost): My lips look like glass when I use these! I'm not usually one to go for lip gloss or anything mega-shiny, but they are so beautiful on.

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara: My favorite has always been Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara but I decided to give this one a go. Not going to lie, I was drawn to the packaging at first but this mascara is great. My lashes look so gorgeous when I use this!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: My all-time favorite dry shampoo. I have bought it so many times! My hair smells great afterwords. It feels fresh and clean like I just took a shower. It also gives my hair some volume (bonus points)!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Long-Lasting Pressed Powder (in the shade Translucent): I noticed last month that my T-zone was looking a bit shiny, and I knew I needed to buy something to keep the shine down throughout the day. This works very well. It may be a little shiny at the end of the day, but it does the job.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick (in Pink Chic): Was it the name or the color? I absolutely love this lipstick! A gorgeous shade!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- I was hesitant about buying this liner. One of my friends had bought it and never used it much, so she ended up giving it to me. I used it all September, and loved it! Although I must say, it runs out of ink sometimes. This only happened two or three times (probably if I messed up). Overall, the product is wonderful. It makes a feline cat-eye a piece of cake.

Thanks for stopping by and check for more posts to come! Also, can we appreciate how gorgeous Cara Delevingne is on the front cover of Allure's October issue?

-The Girl In The Vintage Dress

Sunday, September 8, 2013

9.8.13 photo diary

Hi, everyone! This weekend my mamaw came to visit us, and we had a lovely time. We went antiquing and Saturday night we had a bonfire with a couple of my family members at the lake. It was fun to eat hot dogs, s'mores, and homemade candy from a local candy shop. It was honestly fun spending the last few days of the summer doing some of my favorite things I love. I am super excited for fall to come though. Bittersweet.

Love the idea of using a seashell to hold little bracelets & earrings.

I love vintage cameras. I have no idea why.

Vintage jewelry is beautiful. So unique!

 I love to pick up some bark during Christmas time. Cherry & lemon are the best.

I loved the breeze on my neck once the sun set on the lake!

Love my milkmaid braid

I also love American Eagle's boyfriend jeans.

I hope you also had a great weekend too!

-The Girl In The Vintage Dress

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Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY: Remodeling a 70s jewelry box

Hello, everyone! So sorry I have been away! I started college for the first time this week. I am going into Business Administration so I can open up a vintage boutique one day. I have been so busy already, but I haven't forgot about the blog. Recently I discovered a thrift shop close to home and while I was shopping, I noticed this old, jewelry box. I have been redoing my room and all of my things have been moved around. I eventually ran out of places to put my jewelry. The box was almost perfect, but it was brown and the fabric inside the drawers was old and stained. I didn't buy it at first because of its condition. Later, I kept thinking about what I could do to make the box look better. I decided I could paint it. I also wanted to redo the inside of the drawers by replacing the stained, yellow fabric with floral scrapbook paper by using Modge Podge. I bought it the next day for $5! My mom thought it was from the 70s (typical of me to pick out something from the 70s, since I love that era so much). After a few painting sessions (I used all-purpose acrylic paint from a local craft store) and a little Modge Podge, it goes to show that a little TLC goes a long way.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flowers in her hair

So yesterday I was at my best friend's house, Courtney, and I was reading her Seventeen magazine. I believe all kinds of magazines have so much information for new ideas so I read any kind I can get my hands on. I already read Seventeen's June/July issue but I wanted to flip through it again in-case I had missed anything. I'm glad I did because I discovered a new hair style that I really love! All you do is twist a couple sections of your hair & pin it! The fun part is pinning it with all sorts of fun hair accessories! You should definitely try this! Sweet & simple!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom 2013: Vegas baby

Hope you enjoy my pictures from my last & lovely prom.

Dress: Jovani

Monday, November 5, 2012

Meet DJiun Wang.

The great thing about TVFU is networking. You can meet so many amazing people with exquisite talent, like DJiun Wang. (His last name,'Wang', reminds me of the well-known designers Alexander Wang and Vera Wang. He's definitely bound to be a big designer with a legendary last name like that, haha.) Readers, you are lucky, because I conducted an interview with the young,fresh,and talented designer himself.

Photography : Knky Photos

LW: How old are you?
DJ: 18. I just turned 18 last week!


LW: What is your current education?
DJ: I attend Salem High Visual Arts Academy in Virginia Beach

LW: How would a friend describe your personality?
DJ: My friends would say I'm the social butterfly in any situation, never keeping still. Also, I am the one always aiming to surpass expectations, haha! My friends love/hate my hardwork and determination.

LW: When did you start loving fashion?
DJ: Fashion has always been a love of mine ever since I was a child, I just never took it seriously until others saw a talent for fashion in me.

LW: How did you first get into designing?
DJ: Ever since I was 5 I would make design sketches, but I never expected it to get my anywhere. No one believed I could actually bring my designs to life until a classmate of my named Kyle B. trusted me with his sewing machine and gave me all the materials to start out with. My first dress is actually the crocheted diamond studded see-through dress.

Just one of his many detailed sketches. So much talent.

LW: Who is your favorite designer?
DJ: Designers Alexander McQueen and Gou Pei are my idols. Their designs are so eccentric and well crafted, truly works of art.

LW: Was VA Fashion Week your first time debuting? Have you done this before?
DJ: Yes, VA Fashion week was my first ever show. I was fortunate enough to be featured in the finale show. I was even invited to show at Brooklyn Fashion week.

Here are a few pictures from his debut at VA Fashion Week.
These designs are SO beautiful. The second and last picture are my favorites!

Photography: Brooks Fotographie

LW: What is your inspiration for your designs?
DJ: My inspirations derive from various cultures, artworks, textures, and natural elements. I have some designs where I juxtapose Parisian and Chinese elements, and even sheer with leather and studs. Contrast. I love it.

(I could not agree more with that last statement.)

LW: Describe the process it took to make this collection and to debut it.
DJ: My most recent collection, Romantica, took almost exactly one year to produce. Romantica is the combination of 3 collections (The Beginning Collection, Black&Gold, and Romantica) which were produced all while I was working on my AP Art portfolio and completing my academy classes. The process really just came naturally; whenever shopping for fabrics, linens, or accessories I just grab whatever jumps out at me then let the fabrics speak to be. I always look for both the beautiful and the ugly, haha.

(Nothing wrong with that, haha.)

DJ's promo picture for his ROMANTICA Collection
 Photographer: DJiun Wang

LW: Have you ever been to TVFU before or is it your first time?
DJ: This was my first year at TVFU, such a phenomenal experience. I was truly in my element being surrounded by other exceptionally talented youths. Everyone was so beautiful too! I was lucky enough to be interviewed and featured in NY MAG: THE CUT style portion

(That's super cool! Jealous!)

DJ in NY Mag: THE CUT style portion

LW: Tell us about the sessions you had at TVFU this year and what your experience was like.
DJ: I attended the Parabal Gurung, Nicole Richie, Christian Siriano, and Phillip Lim sessions along with seminars with the editors of Teen Vogue. I was excited to learn about such different designers' creative processes, inspiration, and how they rose to fame. This was especially a great networking experience meeting wonderful people such as Lauren-Ashley Walker!

(Aw, how nice! Agreed, again.)

LW: Can your describe the outfit you wore to TVFU?
DJ: I wore a custom designed shirt with an ombre bleach dipped denim jacket with a gold studded collar, a 3/4 sleeve custom blazer from Taiwan, maroon skinny jeans from Japan, Lacoste shoes, and gold studded bracelets (lots of em)!

LW: What was your favorite session this year and why?
DJ: Christian Siriano is on my list of inspirational designers. I was extremely despaired that I didn't get to personally meet and get a picture with Christian Siriano, but one day it will happen. Hearing his creative process inspires me to find more ways to connect the world of fashion with art.

LW: Where do you see yourself in the future?
DJ: Head designer of McQueen.

I don't know about you, but I loved his answers. If you want to check out more of Wang's talent, here are three links you can visit!

Artist Page:
Black&Gold Collection:

Monday, October 22, 2012

NYC & Teen Vogue Fashion University Photo Diary

I'm back...sadly. My wonderful and magical week in NYC and TVFU is over, but now I have loads to tell you about my experience.

Monday, we took a plane from Nashville to Chicago to New York. My first plane experience was very cool. You could see every house and street. Cars looked like tiny little pencil marks from the view on the plane. Clouds looked like cotton candy, and you could see the huge shadows they left on the Earth. Was it scary? Nope. The only problem I had was an ear ache. When we first arrived in the heart of NYC, all I could do was sit there with my jaw dropped open at all the amazing things I saw! I think it dropped even lower when I saw Times Square (keep in mind that it was night, so it was even more beautiful). It was exciting and exhilarating to be there. It was rainy when we first got there, but it still looked awesome. I remember walking around on the streets, and I loved it. I much rather walk everywhere than taking a taxi, bus, or subway because you could see everything and take it in. It was super busy that night (it honestly always is) and people were wearing rain boots and holding umbrellas everywhere. I loved the rush of it and couldn't wait till tomorrow. 
At Nashville airport before my first flight. 

Flying to Chicago.

Arriving in New York.

The next day we went to the Conde Nast building (where some of TVFU takes place), Rockefeller Plaza, and walked through 5th Avenue (it was freezing and especially windy). The Conde Nast building has the offices of Teen Vogue and Vogue inside. While standing outside of the building I did a double take. I saw Jane Kelter de Valle(editor of Teen Vogue) walk into the building, and I couldn't believe my eyes (*fan girling*)! She looked fashionable and amazing. I didn't want to tear my eyes away from the place hoping I'd see more editors walk in. We sadly had to leave to go to Rockefeller Plaza. It was just how I pictured it! The ice skating rink just opened that day and a group of famous skaters had just been skating there on the TODAY show that morning. We proceeded to 5th Avenue where we saw all kinds of stores! It was very overwhelming. Later, I ate at my first food vendor. There are so many different kinds to choose from. I got something from an Indian food vendor that couldn't have been healthy, but it was delicious. After that, we went to the well-known Magnolia bakery and purchased a vanilla bean cheesecake that was excellent. We walked around Times Square later and by the time we had done this, the day was over. When we walked back to our hotel, we brushed shoulders with Fred Armisen (SNL actor). What a great way to end the day, right?

Where I saw Jane Keltner de Valle walk inside.

Rockefeller Plaza

Where the Christmas tree goes!

Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue

Times Square.

Wednesday we spent the day in SoHo, Greenwhich Village, and Little Italy. This was the day I rode the subway for the first time. It was a very quiet and bumpy ride. I felt like a true New Yorker standing up and holding on to the rail. Our first stop was at the Dominque Ansel Bakery to eat my very first french macaroon! We spent the rest of our time in SoHo looking inside shops. When we returned home that day, we ate our very first NY style pizza from Bella Vita. Now I can say I felt like a New Yorker.

I woke early the next morning for the TODAY show! There were loads of people surrounding the gate with their signs hoping to be seen on T.V. I was just hoping to meet Kathy Lee and Hoda (I watch them every morning almost). I unfortunately did not get to meet them, but I did meet Al Roker! I barely got a glimpse of Hoda walking in to get her hair and makeup done. I also saw Savannah, Matt, Al, and Natalie when they came outside to report. The coolest part was seeing Cee Lo Green walk out to meet some of us. I did get a video and picture of him! Later, I watched Kathy Lee and Hoda do their segment and they are so fun. I was on T.V. too. I truly got the whole TODAY show experience. To spend the rest of the day, we decided to take a walk through Central Park. It's perfect to walk through there during the fall because of the trees changing colors. We also walked on Madison Avenue where there are more designer shops (I died when I first saw Oscar de la Renta and Valentino). It was a perfect fall day.


Doesn't Natalie look super cute?

I love Savannah's trench.

Al Roker, of coarse.

You can kinda see inside.

The back of Kathy Lee and Hoda.

Valentino on Madison Avenue.

Friday, we all decided to sleep in after waking up early to sight-see everyday. It was a major rainy day in NYC anyway so it was ideal. We went to some vintage shops a few blocks away for a little while. The day went by super fast since we had slept in, so we ordered another pizza from Bella Vita, and I went to bed early for Fashion U. It probably took me an hour to try and fall asleep because I had butterflies in my stomach. It was as if it were the night before the first day of school.

Teen Vogue Fashion University is here. I registered that morning and they gave us free LeSportsac bags with awesome goodies inside like the November Issue of TV, H&M magazine, $20 gift card to Guess, a mini Roxy notebook, etc. They had different little stations set up to keep you busy till the first session. They also had an area where different hairstylists would do your hair however you wanted it and a photo booth where you could take pictures. We stood in line for what seemed like an hour. Everyone was dressed to impress; I seriously loved everything people wore. I also met a lot of super nice people while waiting in line. Fashion was the main topic of our conversations and what schools we were going to. When they finally opened the curtains, I kid you not, it was like Black Friday. It was a mad dash to try and get the best seats to see Grace Coddington up close. When Grace Coddington's session began, it was amazing. She started out talking about her childhood and how she got into the fashion world. Everything she said was beautiful, inspiring, and humorous. Her session was one of my absolute favorites. I took the most notes on her session. I remember her saying to always keep your eyes open. I remember a question asked about what excites her in fashion and she answered saying that she gets emotional over clothes and the way they're made. I thought her answer was beautiful. Another student asked what was the most rewarding part of her job and she answered, "Seeing the picture on the page." I loved that.  My second session was with Marie Suter, the Creative Director of Teen Vogue. She talked about places she had worked at in the fashion industry and what her job is like at Teen Vogue. I had the opportunity to ask, "While being educated in Paris, what inspired you?" Her response was, "It was more creative because France is a smaller place and not as brandish." I couldn't agree more. My third session was with Mary Kate Steinmiller, the Senior Fashion Market Editor of Teen Vogue. We put ourselves in groups and styled an outfit from a rack of American Apparel clothes. At the end, she asked us questions about our outfits we constructed and choose a winning outfit that'd be featured in Teen Vogue. In session 4, we got to know Erin Fetherston. She seemed very sweet and girly. You should check out her Spring 2013 RTW collection. Session 5 was my other favorite. We took a tour through the Teen Vogue offices. Amy Astley's assistant (Alyssa Reader) took us on the tour and it was AMAZING. The pictures below can basically explain what I saw, but it was one of those moments when you had to been there. Also, at the end of the tour, I won a free pair of Sperry's of my choice! The last session was the Teen Vogue Editors Panel. We learned about the Teen Vogue editors and got to ask questions! FYI, Eva Chen is not at Teen Vogue anymore. I was sad, but the woman taking her place, Elaine Welteroth, seemed nice! After the editors panel, I rushed to the stage to meet my role models. I sadly did not get to meet every editor because of the other hundreds of girls.

Amy Astley introducing Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington

Grace's first cover on British Vogue

The styling session with Mary Kate Steinmiller. She wore an awesome paisley skirt.

The sweet Erin Fetherston wearing her favorite color.

In the Conde Nast elevator.

The first thing I saw once I was inside.

Amy Astley's assistant, Alyssa Reeder

Sex and the City the movie was filmed in this office. SJP ground.

The accessories.

The fashion closet (every girls dream).

Look at all the beautiful models

I'm pretty sure that's Jane Keltner de Valle's office.

Amy Astley's office. It's so beautiful.

I love how the beauty products are just lying around.

Elaine Welteroth's office

A closet full of beauty products. They say it always smells good when you open the door.

A little bit of the fashion closet.

Some shoes inside the fashion closet.

The editors of Teen Vogue.

Sunday, was the last day of Fashion U. The seminar was called "Fashion in the Digital Age." We had speakers, Nadia Hussain (of, Danica Lo(of, Treena Lombardo(of, Rebecca Minkoff (designer),and Huan NGuyen (Lookbook.NU). They were wonderful speakers. I was especially inspired by Danica Lo when she said, "Get a degree in something you're passionate about. It brings more to the table." I talked to her after the seminar and she helped me out with some of my future choices. She made me realize that I don't want to go into a business degree because I'm not passionate about it. I took my picture with my graduation certificate and later left NYC.

Nadia Hussain (of, Danica Lo(of, Treena Lombardo (of, Rebecca Minkoff (designer),and Huan NGuyen (Lookbook.NU).

Today I'm at home, and I just unpacked my bags. Reality is back. This entire week is something I will never forget.