Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY: Remodeling a 70s jewelry box

Hi everyone! So sorry I have been away! I started college for the first time this week. I love and hate it so far. I am going into business so I can open up my own vintage boutique one day. I am excited & I love my Introduction to Business class. I have been so busy already, but I definitely haven't forgot about the blog. Today's post is another D.I.Y project I have been working on for a while. I discovered a thrift shop close to home and while I was shopping I noticed this old, brown jewelry box. Since I have been redoing my room, I moved around all of my things. I eventually ran out of places to put my jewelry. The box was almost perfect, but it was brown & the fabric inside the drawers was old and stained. I didn't buy it at first on the account of its condition. On the way home I kept thinking about what I could do to make the box look better. I decided I could paint it. I also wanted to redo the inside of the drawers by replacing the stained, yellow fabric with floral scrapbook paper by using Modge Podge. I bought it the next day for just five dollars! My mom looked at it when I brought it home and she thought it was from the 70s (typical of me to pick out something from the 70s, since I love that era so much). After a few painting sessions and a little Mod Podge, it goes to show that a little TLC goes a long way.
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  1. That is gorgeous! Where did you get your large brown jewelry box? I really want to do the same thing but haven't found that right box yet...did you get your small white jewelry box in the second picture at a vintage store too?

  2. What kind of paint did you use?