Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Create a Fashion Mood Board | My Summer Mood Board 2016

I discovered the idea of making collages a few years ago in my high school art class. To this day, making a collage is one of my favorite artistic things to do. I love imagery and anything that deals with using my conceptual skills. Combine collage and fashion, and you get a fashion mood board. I think creating a mood board is great for spiking creativity and inspiration. and if you are like me, creating a mood board is fun and inspires you daily. I think it's especially great to have displayed in your room as a decor piece or to serve as inspiration when you choose what to wear in the mornings. If you're not sure how to go about creating a collage, let me guide the way!

I typically grab some magazines or pictures. In my case, I felt inspired by my Free People catalogs, so I grabbed those and tore out some pictures. Basically any pictures you really like or feel drawn to, put them in a pile.

Once I'm finished, I like to finalize what pictures I love the most. I like to think about the theme or central idea I'm wanting to express. When I made this board, I felt many bohemian vibes. I wanted to express the effortlessly chic woman. She always looks cool, not fussy. I had Jane Birkin and the 90s on my mind. So I took these thoughts and looked at what pictures I felt drawn to and what made me excited to look at visually. The ideas in my head became my theme for the board.

I honestly just start pinning pictures in different places. I play around with it until I figure out what I like. I use thumbtacks to pin them.

My best advice for doing this successfully is jamming to some really cool tunes that inspire you. Just have fun with it and get lost in the process of creating something inspiring and awesome!

Here is the link to my YouTube video that shows me creating the board!

-The Girl in the Vintage Dress

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