Friday, July 22, 2016

My Style Story | How to Develop Personal Style

Personal style is something that is so important to me. It's a way of expression and art. I don't know what I would do if everyone had to dress the same. What's the fun in that?

My personal style story starts in my family and has made it's way down to me. I think people in your family can influence your style. My mamaw dressed my mom, and then my mom dressed me when I was young. Both of their fashion choices have rubbed off on me too. I like looking at older pictures of my mamaw and mom and seeing what they wore. My mamaw had a cool, quirky 60s style. My mom was a 70s girl. I love both of these styles and express them daily in my fashion choices.

First picture on the left (my mom is on the left). Second picture on the right (my mom is on the right)

I was born in the 90s; the decade of Britney Spears and Clueless. My hobbies were ballet and dress-up; where I learned about lace, pearls, tulle, sequins, and cat-eye sunglasses-- all things that I still wear and adore today.

Besides my family and 90s past, there are many other factors that play into my personal style and the person I am today. My love for fashion grew when I subscribed to my first fashion magazine, Teen Vogue, in middle school. I discovered that girls shopped at flea markets, thrift shops, and VINTAGE shops! It was my first time ever hearing about vintage. I thought the young women dressed so unique and cool. It was different from anything I had ever seen. I wanted to develop my own individual style, and I wanted to be different. After discovering the world of fashion and vintage, I bought fashion-related books and read them. I still read them today! I am always looking for inspiration. I look at pictures all the time. I am always keeping my eyes open. I keep a fashion blog on Tumblr and create mood boards at home with pictures that inspire me. I think it's important to always look at different imagery because you'll never know when something will inspire you.

Today I'd classify my style as vintage, classic, boho, quirky, cool, and effortless. I can't exactly pinpoint one thing that has influenced the style I've created. There are endless amounts of photographs, movies, books, and music that have inspired me over time. I think if you're struggling with developing your personal style, you should start keeping a folder of pictures you love or start a Tumblr. Save anything that is visually appealing to you and look back it when making decisions of the style you want to create. It's not about what's in style or what everyone else is wearing. I honestly think it's about being yourself and wearing what makes you happy, something that took me a while to realize.

If you want to watch my YouTube video on my style story, here is the link!

-The Girl in the Vintage Dress

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