Monday, July 18, 2016

I AM BACK! 1960s mod summer

Hello again! This is probably the second time I have returned to my blog. Recently I have been investing time into my YouTube channel and it has reminded me of why I use to love blogging. While YouTube is my serious project, I would still like to post pictures of different things and keep things lighthearted and fun on here. For my return, I have a 1960s mod summer inspired outfit - as I call it. I found these 1960s gingham blue and white pants my mom bought in a vintage shop in Chicago a couple years ago. I thought they would look great with a pop of yellow. Although I'm not the biggest fan of crop tops, I quite like the idea of it with these pants. I love finding quirky clothes like this in vintage shops. It's so fun and different and that's exactly why I love them. Here is the link to my YouTube video on this look.

Top: Asos (old)
Pants: vintage shop
Bag: vintage shop

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