Monday, August 15, 2016

How I Rock Mom Jeans

I have always loved and cherished high waisted jeans in all it's high-waisted, mom-tastic glory. Most people deem these jeans as unattractive and cringe-worthy; all the more reason to wear them if you like rocking them! I think they go super awesome with graphic or band tees and a simple black 90s inspired top as the one you see here. I'm not a huge 90s fashion fan but I love whatever Cher & Dionne wore in Clueless. I decided to go for something casual, because they are mom jeans after all. I think the top gives it a 90s edge, and the ballet flats make it cool and relaxed. I recommend popping into a thrift store and you'll find some mom jeans in no time, or take a trip down memory lane by shopping in your mom's closet. These are vintage Ralph Lauren ones my mom use to wear back before I was in the womb! I made a video modeling my mom jeans if any of you want to see it:

Top: Monki Cross Over Jersey --sold out on ASOS :((
Jeans: Vintage Ralph Lauren

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